Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Hear No Evil, Don't You See No Evil, Don't You Lay No Evil Down On Me....80s ROCK

Its Thanksgiving EVE the New Orleans Saints are 4-6 as you can see from the hilarious picture on the left.  It's funny to mess with Falcons fans because they call us "Aints" yet have never won the Super Bowl.   AND we beat them at 5-0 and pretty much set them in're welcome

and LSU is keep me from jumping off a cliff over the LES rumors I listed to tunes....

So here they are some 80s jams to start your weekend.  These are songs I look to get me going when I need it.  Most of these are the Velveeta of 80s rock but that is why I posted them. Many are repeats but who the fuck cares, put your helmet on and rock the fuck out.  CHEERS!!!!! 


Oh and some LES stats

...and since many LSU fans who didn't even step on campus yet think they have a say in LES staying or going, I have decided to make the theme of this one suck or not suck

RATT .....suck?  I think not

Twisted Sister ....sure you bang your head on the computer

Skid Row ....this voice does not suck 

DIO .....DIO  suck

Dokken - OK this video sucks awesome ....but the song rocks

AND.....this video DEFINITELY does not SUCK I mean who wouldn't want a flatbed jamming on your street

OK I have to ask how Eric Bloom from Blue Oyster Cult is Bosco's friend in the Tom Cruise movie "All the Right Moves"
Blue Oyster Cult - it only sucks I can't find a good audio version other than LIVE....but ok

Motley Crue ....dare you to say anything

Motörhead sucks the life out of people who listen to Rihanna

Krokus sucks and blows but they still rock

Guns N' Roses....when they didn't suck like the Falcons

Aerosmith..... who has never sucked

Def for Pete Willis he left the band and sucks Rick Allen can't drive slow


For a good laugh....LOL



Just listen to how freaking good this sounds....his voice and how crisp the band is.......WHAT A TIME!!!!

and GO SAINTS!!!!!
CHEERS to a fantastic careful fuckers....
some reminders to be smart when getting stupid